At La Casarana we welcome and love all types of pets (with Health Certification). Your pet will stay on the terrace of your room, in a dedicated fenced area and will be greeted by a nice welcome kit. Your little buddy will be able to accompany you in the Resort’s reserved areas and on the beach under dedicated umbrellas (with the exception of the Swimming pool, Zefiro Restaurant, Hall or other internal spaces), with a leash and muzzle. Your pet will have a trainer available one day per week and the chance to attend a mini demonstration show. You will be able to use the Dog Spa with whirlpool tub and everything you need for cleaning.

We have been travelling for years with a group of friends from different regions and with requests that are always a little complicated to fulfill, in search of a place that guarantees the classic New Year's Eve dinner with overnight stay, SPA and lunch on New Year’s day. In this case, we also took longer and had to choose what was left. We were very lucky because this 4-star hotel had everything we needed: pet-friendly mini apartments with garden and gate to allow our furry friend to walk in peace and quiet (for which no one was allowed to shoot fireworks at midnight). Well-heated, large, well-kept rooms with kitchen and two more beds. We ate very well and in times suitable to the two events with rooms full but never too crowded. Very large target audience, fun musical entertainment and a Spa. Impeccable staff. Really recommendable